Monday, 7 July 2014


My fabric additction got the better of me again this week and I fell for the beauty that is "Japanese Double Gauze".  Oh my goodness - it really is beautiful!  It's so so soft and I cannot wait to make something with it. I have so many patterns and florals in my wardrobe that I decided to go for a plain colour and ended up with a lovely indigo colour.  My thoughts originally were to use it for a Peony Dress but the lovely folks at Village Haberdashery suggested it should be something more floaty and think they are probably right.
There's not a huge ammount of floaty patterns in my colletion but, - it just so happens that I'd recently found the Yoshiko Tsukiori, Stylish Dress Book in the Oxfam Book Shop on Portobello Road!  There are some really great simple shapes in this books and think the double gauze will work well. I especially like pattern W.  
I also picked up some fat quartered of a spotty fabric - perfect for some more baby troosers perhaps!  And also, pulled from the bargain bin at The Cloth Shop - a Lightweight Cotton Floral - think there's a top in store for this one which is something very lacking in my wardrobe.  Right - better get making then!

Monday, 16 June 2014


I have been planning to make this bag for ages and finally this weekend, I decided I should get on with it!  The fabric is a Swiss Army Groundsheet bought from Pedlars Friday Vintage and was originally bought with the intention of using for Upholstery.  I will still do some Upholstery but the bag seemed like a quick fix and plus, me and the girls at work (Pedlars), all decided it would make a great bag!

I am really pleased with it and am now putting it straight into everyday use.  I'm glad I included all the original bits of the Groundsheet too otherwise it could just look like any old camo fabric.  There's a few things I might change - perhaps some re-enforcing where it sits on your hip (try and limit the wear and tear) and perhaps a bit of hand-stitching in red either side of the rivets. Other than that - I love it and plan on making a few variations as well as a shoulder bag although that might take a bit more figuring out.

And oh yes! the badge!  That lovely thing is from Best Made Co in New York.  My colleague went on a trip to the US recently and so I was able to put in my order!  Thanks Sophie!.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


I've been inspired!
For the past 6 months or so I have been making my own clothes.  A new sewing shop had opened up round the corner from my house (not good for the bank balance), my Mum had made my wedding dress earlier in the year and therefore I had found myself looking more and more at the many online sewing blogs.  I love doing all my other sewing and upholstery projects but I really was inspired to give it a go. After lots of Pinning and Googling for a pattern, I decided on the By Hand London Anna Dress; it looked like a great shape and easy enough for a beginner. The fabric: came from the huge stash I have in the cupboards - originally bought by Nana and Mum from Joans fabrics in Carlisle (sadly now closed) via the saleroom.

I loved the finished dress so much that I went on to make 2 more Anna Dresses.  One made from a vintage ditsy floral from The Cloth Shop on Portobello Road and another in Twill Bouquet from The Village Haberdashery.

I'm now so into it (and slightly obsessed), that my plan is to take part in Me-Made-May-2015.  I've only just discovered this amazing sewing challange; originally set up in 2010 by Zoe Edwards, the idea is to wear something homemade, each day for the whole month of May.  Far too late for 2014 (plus I wouldn't have had nearly enough clothes to wear for a whole month), it really has inspired me even more to make my own wardrobe rather than trail the rails of the High Street - only to walk past somebody else in the same outfit a week later!  Thank you Sewing bloggers, Haberdasherys, and especially Mum and Nana for the inspiration!

Here are my recent fabric & pattern purchases....oh which one to make first!!

All over the internet just now - Tilly and the Buttons Mathilde Blouse looks sooooo cute!

I've been looking at these patterns on sewing blogs for ages and so decided to bite the bullet and buy them.  I reckon they could be good for using up some of my more crazier patterned fabrics!

Finally - my fabric purchases - Black Floral from Cloth House - Botanical Fabric by Snow leopard, purchased at Liberty (not quite what this is going to be yet!) and a shawl from Zara which I think could be converted into a great everyday top....we will see.    

Friday, 23 May 2014


Loads of my friends and family are now beginning to have family if their own and I continuously struggle to find things to buy them. My friend Ben pointed out to me that I should just make something! So, that's exactly what I've done! 
After a quick scout on the web, I hopped on down to The Village Haberdashery and bought the Lullaby Layette pattern from Oliver + S. I already had the snappy camera fabric (from the same shop) with the intention of making myself a frock but it works much better as these little pants.  Once I'd traced the pattern, they've been so quick to make, I'm really pleased with them.  Baby present number 1 done!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


This weeks sewing projects: Drawstring bags...for bread, for laundry, for shoes, for toys, for whatever you like!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Teddy at the wedding!!

It was my Sisters wedding this weekend and even a Teddy Bear got a look in on the action...